New builds

New Builds

Turning your dreams into practical solutions

Understanding how best your home will work for you, both now and in the future.

Who wouldn’t like to design and build their own home? Designing how the kitchen will overlook the herbaceous border and provide easy access to the sun terrace for occasional al fresco dining. Imagine a living room with curtain walls of glass letting the natural light flood into the house or with large bi-fold doors unifying your outside and inside space. During the winter months, that same space will be warm and cosy as the family congregates around the beautiful ornate fireplace. Your invited guests will feel welcome but will also enjoy their own space perhaps with their own en-suite. Your home office will be cleverly located so you won’t be disturbed by your children playing or feel isolated and banished to the bottom of the garden!

At Houghton Construction, we turn your dreams into practical solutions. Our services page details what we offer in terms of construction but, with all building projects, there are decisions to be made regarding permissions, regulations and budget constraints and our skills are finding the best way to deliver on your dream by overcoming these potential obstacles. 

We are experts in both new builds, where you are essentially starting from a blank canvas, and self builds, where purchasers will often choose from several existing designs on a building plot with similar dwellings. Both types require an understanding of how to make the space work for you.

New builds bedroom
New build apartment

Delivering your dreams.

Many of our clients will live their lives in these new properties for twenty years or more. So, we help you visualise how your home will look and feel when you first turn your key in your new front door. We look at how the rooms flow, where the family will come together and also where individuals can spend some quiet time apart. Some of our projects are deliberately designed in phases allowing for more expansion as future budgets allow. With one of our clients, we know exactly where the swimming pool and outdoor entertaining area will eventually be installed and have therefore managed the groundworks, plumbing and landscaping accordingly. We also look at inevitable life changes and how the property could be extended in future with new arrivals or modified as young adults leave the nest to start their own lives. 

So when considering a new build or self build project, you need a construction company, who can not only deliver the project on time, within budget, and to the highest standards but also one who understands how best your home will work for you, both now and in the future. To find out more, please contact…. .

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