Period renovations

Modernising Your Corporate HQ Without Disrupting Your Working Day.

For this case study our client is autoXP, the No.1 'go to' provider of automotive eXPeriences, based in Chipping Warden.

We were contacted by their facilities manager as they needed a major upgrade to their common areas. Specifically, we were asked to modernise and upgrade their gentleman and ladies toilet facilities, their canteen, the boardroom, their finance office, their drivers’ lounge and the surrounding corridors.

autoXP have a number of high-end clients and it was extremely important that the customer experience of their headquarters matched the high levels of both their branding and customer service offering.

We worked extensively with their facilities manager specifying the best materials for the renovations. For example, we specified top quality commercial flooring (anti-slip vinyl), modern ceiling tiles, high-quality durable paint, high-quality cubicles, basins and vanity units. All items were guaranteed and delivered great value for their budget. We ensured that the renovations would be presented in their corporate colours and that both their staff and their customers would be impressed by the whole experience.

As there was a very tight timescale with this project, we also worked over the weekends to ensure we finished on time and within budget. We also helped with the logistical side of relocating temporary toilets and canteen facilities so the staff could continue to work whilst the renovation work was going ahead.

autoXP continued to run their business on a full-time basis throughout the time that we were working there and, because of our extensive pre-planning, we were able to avoid giving any poor impression to their clients. Every phase was highly organised and well-managed to ensure the minimum amount of disruption. This included vehicle delivery and waste management.

With all our projects, health and safety is paramount and we ensured that we protected their staff and all visitors to the premises. Their facilities manager was delighted with the work that we produced and highly impressed with our time management in meeting their hard time frames. We always put the client first and, on this job, we certainly pulled out all the stops to deliver a cost-effective and non-disruptive service.

The feedback from our client was that they loved the results and appreciated the quality of the workmanship. We were praised as being highly professional, very timely and “first class”. 

In fact, we have recently started conversations about a future project and we are looking forward to working with their team again.